Goodyear 2356017 102H Fortera SUV

Goodyear 2356017 102H Fortera SUV

Fortera has been specifically developed for the unique challenges Australia’s harsh road conditions. As a 4WD tyre built to tackle both the highway and off-road tracks, the Goodyear Fortera is the first choice for Ford as standard fitment to its all-wheel-drive Territory SUV. The Fortera features a strong silica compound design, ensuring high resistance to damage while offering excellent performance in wet weather conditions, mud and sand. Drivers who enjoy travelling off-road will be pleased to hear that the Fortera’s traction-oriented tread design offers impressive traction in sandy and muddy conditions, while the tyre’s high strength body plies protect against potential cuts or punctures. Key Features and Benefits: High percentage silica compound – outstanding traction and shorter braking distances in wet conditions, which can enhance fuel economy. Spiral overlay construction – improves steering response and braking efficiency. Body protrusions – impressive traction in sand and mud. High strength body plies – better resistance to punctures in off-road conditions. Developed specially as original equipment for the Ford Territory All-Wheel Drive. Outstanding features that ensure superior grip and braking, exceptional handling and improved durability. The Fortera also features a spiral overlay construction that enhances its steering response and delivers superior braking efficiency. Offers overall balance and handling, both on and off sealed surfaces.

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