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Pirelli 2355517 99H Scorpion STR

Pirelli 2355517 99H Scorpion STR


Scorpion STR is designed to achieve new performance levels for the latest generation of Sport Utility, Light Truck & 4X4 vehicles. The STR design is characterized by round shoulder blocks and an open tread design. The Scorpion STR offers exceptional street performance with excellent balance in off-road conditions and delivers a quiet and precise ride, while providing superior comfort and handling. The Scorpion STR also meets the severest international standards in terms of safety. Key Features and Benefits: Pirelli Scorpion STR is the ideal balance for road and moderate off road use as it combines the strength traditionally associated with Pirelli’s on road performance, with effective off road capabilities. Comfort, high mileage and regular tread wear are attributes offered by the Scorpion STR. Quiet and precise on the road, it is manoeuvrable and comfortable when used off road. Designed to combine a quiet and comfortable ride along with ease of handling and year-round traction even in light snow. The Scorpion STR’s tread compound is moulded into one of two similar, but slightly different symmetric tread designs. On the inside, both Scorpion STR tyres feature twin, high- tensile steel belts reinforced with polyamide to provide strength and durability on top of a two-ply polyester cord body that helps cushion the ride.

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