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Pirelli 2654520 104Y PZERO ROSSO Asimmetrico MO

Pirelli 2654520 104Y PZERO ROSSO Asimmetrico MO


PZero Rosso Asymmetrico is an Ultra High Performance tyre, combining performance and comfort. Developed for modern sports cars with electronic drive and stability control systems, the PZero Rosso Asymmetrico (or ‘Red’, as it translates into English, which is synonymous with Italian motor racing) is ideal for sports performance providing precise steering response on dry and wet roads. Key Features and Benefits: PZero Rosso Asymmetrico tyre has three distinct elements: large blocks on the outer shoulder, a central semi-slick rib with curved transverse grooves and a more open inner shoulder. It promotes the concept of comfort through the special construction of the carcass, which combines performance with the comfort typical of high-performance flagship cars. Ultra high performance summer tyre that embodies technology and functionality. Features a silica-enhanced tread compound to provide better grip in low temperatures in the wet and lower rolling resistance in the dry. Great tyre for driving in the wet, as it resists the tendency to slide by releasing grip slowly and predictably rather than the abrupt aquaplaning of some of its economy and midrange competitors. Gives outstanding curve stability and side guidance. Designed to provide high levels of safety against aquaplaning and precise handling on wet and dry surfaces.

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