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Yokohama 1858516 111/109L 12PLY LT151 (All Position)

Yokohama 1858516 111/109L 12PLY LT151 (All Position)


A349 is a premium high performance eco tyre that combines cutting edge tyre technologies to achieve limousine quietness, fuel efficiency and race car performance. It is an ultra high performance tyre from Yokohama that only perfectly supports the high performance of the car but also equally contributes to the aesthetics of the car. It is designed as a low profile radial tyre. A349 are good looking performance tyres than none other. The Yokohama A349 tyres are low profile tyres, which mean they have a short sidewall height. This is a standard feature of performance tyres because the short sidewall is associated with enhancing the steering responsiveness and gives crisper feedback to the driver. With the lowering of the profile, the cornering force increases, thus overall handling performance brought about by the tyres is high. And this is precisely what you would demand from your sports car. So look no further than the Yokohama A349 tyres for an exhilarating driving experience. Key Features and Benefits: Exhibiting a specialised tread pattern, the Yokohama A349 tyres offer excellent grip on straight roads as well as curves. The thick wide shoulder blocks of the tyres maximise traction and improve the braking responsiveness. The tread compound of the Yokohama A349 tyres, which is silica intensive, promotes exceptional wear resistance, increasing the life of the tyre. The tread compound and the tread pattern combine together to increase the heat resistance of the Yokohama A349 tyres, lowering the rolling resistance. Experience sporty handling and performance combined with fuel economy and low road noise – thus all the best features are present in one single tyre. Superb steering responsiveness makes for an enjoyable drive every single time you drive. Exceptional braking responsiveness and grip enhance confidence and further add to the overall driving experience. They are fitted as original equipment on high end vehicles such as the Mitsubishi Grandis and the Chrysler Voyager.

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