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Yokohama 2454017 91Y ADVAN Sport V103

Yokohama 2454017 91Y ADVAN Sport V103


ADVAN Sport V103 blends high performance with a comfortable ride. It is factory fitted to high performance prestige vehicles like the Audi S8, Bentley Continental, Nissan 370Z, Porsche 997 and Mercedes AMG. The wide straight grooves improve wet grip and also remove water from under the tyre. Importantly, the ‘5-pitch variation’ tread design guarantee low tyre and cabin noise for a quiet and comfortable ride. The ADVAN Sport provides balance at a high level, resulting not only in sporty performance, but also excellent characteristics on wet pavement, a good ride, low noise, as well as many other features demonstrative in its class. Key Features and Benefits: Flagship tyre of the ADVAN series. A superior sports tyre with ultra high-speed capabilities (over 300 km/h) for super cars. This tyre provides superior high-performance grip across a wide temperature range thanks to the exclusive rubber compound. Innovative ADVAN asymmetric tread design for outstanding drivability. With Rayon carcass construction, and available in sizes from 17- to 22-inch, it offers high speed cornering performance and unparalleled on-road stability. Exclusive construction for high powered, high speed and high loading stress. A perfect balance of sport and comfort. High speed rating over 300 km/h (depend on sizes). Exceptional handling and braking in extreme conditions.

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