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Dunlop 2254517 91W SP Sport FastResponse ROF Runflat

Dunlop 2254517 91W SP Sport FastResponse ROF Runflat


SP Sport FastResponse is the latest luxury passenger tyre from Dunlop. It has been designed to be in touch with the road and enjoy a comfortable, quiet and controlled driving experience. It features Touch Technology any driver can be in control and enjoy precision handling in both wet and dry conditions. Key Features and Benefits: Asymmetric Tri-Area tread design result in three different zones with specific tasks for improved dry and wet handling, improved road feedback. Flatter tread profile result in bigger and more square contact patch that increases stability and steering precision and also counteracts heel and toe wear. Touch technology combines 4 key technological features, the result is improved handling and enhanced grip when braking and accelerating. Multi Radius Technology (MRT) makes highly effective pressure deployment in the road contact patch and smoother transition from straight to curve when cornering. This results in more control when cornering. Advanced tread compound result in stronger and more homogeneous cross linking of silica and polymer for improved wet grip and mileage. Low noise generation pattern promotes a quieter and smoother ride.

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