Dunlop 2656517 112S Grandtrek AT3 BLT

Dunlop 2656517 112S Grandtrek AT3 BLT

Grandtrek AT3 is engineered for dual environment performance and driver experience cruising down a highway or tackling a rocky mountain climb. Featuring the latest Japanese technology, the much improved Grandtrek AT3, which supersedes the Grandtrek AT2, launches a new era in tyre performance. This all-terrain 4WD tyre provides even greater high speed stability, exceptional wet weather performance, superior off road traction and low noise levels for the ultimate in rider comfort. It has also been approved by Toyota as an official after market dealer fitted tyre option, making it the ultimate all round 4WD tyre. Key Features and Benefits: Three main straight grooves ensure outstanding performance in the wet and high speed stability for a smoother ride. Long lateral groove provide excellent aqua plaining performance. Straight centre rib with block delivers superior high speed handling performance. 2 in 1 shoulder block pattern ensures low noise for a quieter ride and high traction on and off the road.

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