Goodyear 2055017 89W Eagle NCT5A RUNFLAT

Goodyear 2055017 89W Eagle NCT5A RUNFLAT

Eagle NCT5A is an impressive run flat tyre for high performance vehicles. The tyre offers more responsive handling, maximum performance and enhanced traction and road contact. It delivers exceptional performance at an affordable price. It offers excellent levels of grip, handling, and driving comfort in a range of driving conditions. The Goodyear Eagle NCT5 has been manufactured for passenger and saloon vehicles, and offers motorists high-performance levels alongside a peaceful driving experience. Key Features and Benefits: The tyre compound is made from polymer, which allows sticking to road surfaces effectively and provides exceptional levels of grip during wet weather road conditions. A long life tyre which offers a high-quality driving experience – manufactured for motorway and general driving. The Goodyear Eagle NCT5 also has an optimised tread pattern to ensure motorists can enjoy precise handling and a smooth, quiet drive. Asymmetric tread pattern with reduced rolling resistance. RunOnFlat Technology – no matter where you are going, cars fitted with RunOnFlat will keep you going for up to 80km after a puncture or blowout. Excellent handling on both wet and dry roads. Optimal comfort through minimized noise levels . Reduced fuel consumption with longer mileage. Confident and safe journeying with less environmental impact through reduced CO2 emissions. Excellent braking performance, along with an overall improved mileage.

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