Michelin 2354517 97W Pilot Sport 3 ST

Michelin 2354517 97W Pilot Sport 3 ST

Pilot Sport 3 is an ultra high performance tyre with dynamic qualities. It is designed for driving pleasure and security in both wet and dry conditions. It is suitable for small sports vehicles and roadsters to the largest sports oriented saloon cars. It is also the choice for non-sports vehicles whose owners have chosen optional sports equipment. Pilot Sport 3 is not only eco-friendly but also provide exceptional on-road grip in due to asymmetric trade design. It has original equipment to over 200 vehicle models. Key Features and Benefits: Provides excellent response & high levels of grip in all conditions. Offers the perfect balance of tread life, fuel efficiency and road gripping performance. Features Michelin’s Green Power Compound to combine grip on wet surfaces with fuel savings and greater longevity. This compound is moulded into an asymmetric tread design to enhance dry road response and cornering. Michelin’s Anti Surf System combines an optimized profile and tread grooves to cut through puddles and standing water to resist hydroplaning and deliver shorter wet braking distances. The tyre’s internal structure features Michelin’s Programmed Distortion tyre architecture that uses digital technology to enhance driving enjoyment and steering precision. Twin steel belts reinforced with spirally wrapped polyamide are combined with a polyester casing to enhance ride quality and high-speed durability.

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